About the official importer of Sophie La Girafe

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My name is Claire and I am originally from the land of Sophie La Girafe.. France.

When I arrived in Israel a few years ago, I looked for Sophie La Girafe for a good friend of mine whose just had her first baby girl. To my surprise, Sophie la girafe was nowhere to be found.
That could not be! ... and that is the short story on how I became the official importer and distributor of Sophie La Girafe and vulli in Israel at "HaGamal HaNemeri" (roughly translated "The Camel- Tiger", the very first words that came to the mind of Hebrew people seeing a giraffe for the first time...perfect visual, isn't it?).


Vulli: French toy manufacturer since 1945

Vulli is a French company specialized in the world of baby care and early learning toys. Since 1946 it is based in Rumilly in the Haute Savoie, French Alps, and now offers 250 products including the famous "Sophie the Giraffe."


Vulli's leading toys are now present in over 70 countries, through the constant involvement of all employees working in the factory in Rumilly. Vulli strives to provide worldwide consumers the highest level of safety: all the toys respect the international regulations.


Finally, having babies' interests at the heart of Vulli's policy, it implies thinking about their future and consequently offering them a cleaner planet. Therefore, Vulli is strongly committed to ecology and engaged in a sustainable development policy.


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Even if my level of Hebrew was a challenge ( and still is...) to launch Sophie, it was a pleasure to bring to the parents and babies of Israel, a product that my children and I had experienced first hand (and tooth), a product that is completely natural, safe, without bisphenol or phthalates.

Sophie La Girafe is much more than a simple giraffe-shaped teether , she is a toy that stimulates Baby's five senses.

You can read more about Sophie the giraffe here ("Not just a teether, Sophie stimulates the five senses")

So before Baby even starts teething, let Sophie La Girafe become his first best friend with her gentle dark eyes, cute smile, her smell of natural rubber that reminds some of vanilla, and her soft squeak that makes baby smile...
And when the teething starts, watch Baby in action, soothing his gums on her legs, chewing her neck , or simply holding her for comfort and a few bites now and then. She will never complain.

Wishing you and Baby easy teething, thank you for visiting our site.

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